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White River Trout Fishing

Trout Fishing at His Place Resort

Trout Fishing in the USA, come to the White River in Cotter, Arkansas

His Place Resort is located on the world-renowned White River, home to some of the finest trout fishing anywhere in the United States. Our rivers is home to 4 species of freshwater trout; Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Cutthroat Trout and Brook Trout. These trout were introduced in the 1950's by the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission, with more than 1.5 million introduced into our waters each year.

Choose His Place Resort for YOUR Trout Fishing Vacation - here's why...

Our Location on the White River

His Place Resort is located just 15 miles down from the Bull Shoals Dam, only about three miles above the Cotter access. Our fishing resort boasts private access on a very productive stretch of the White River, and Trophy Brown Trout are frequently caught right here.  Being on the White River closer to the Bull Shoals Dam has distinct advantages for trout fishing, too. Since we are 11 miles up river from Crooked Creek, and 17 miles up river from the Buffalo River, (larger, un-dammed warm water streams that enter the White River and can raise the temperature) our water typically stays cleaner and colder, providing a superior overall environment for trout fishing.  And we don't have closed seasons, either.

Our Trout Fishing Guides Rock!

Our trout fishing guides have many years of combined experience, know what the trout are hitting on, and know where they're at!  We're very picky about the guides we use, because we want you to come back again and again!  Whether you spin fish or fly fish, we will pair you with an experienced, courteous, insured trout fishing guide.

John Boat & Motor Rentals - Canoes and Kayaks too!

 We have john boat and motor rentals available at our private dock.  Our boats are newer, 42" wide models and come with padded seats, anchors, dip nets and throw cushions at no additional cost.  Our oldest motor is now a 2009, with all Mercurys receiving new factory powerheads and fuel pumps in the summer of 2011, and the Yamahas were all purchased new in 2011 and 2012.  Go ahead and ask around...  Do you really want a 15 year old (or older?) motor out on the river?  If you like a more quiet mode of travel, we also have canoes and kayaks available for rent, and include shuttle service.

Wade Access for Trout Fishing

His Place Resort has one of the best wade access spots on the White River when dam generation is low.  You're less likely to be over-run, too.  When the water is lower, we are very difficult to access from public ramps, unlike many other resorts.  Additionally, the general public is NOT permitted access through our resort, keeping it as private as possible for you, our valued guests.  This makes for an overall superior trout fishing experience.

When is the best time to book?

Everyone asks us the same question, and that is when is the best time to book a fishing vacation at His Place Resort? The answer is simple - all year round. The White River that runs past His Place Resort is a tail water system. For those of you who may wonder what that means, let us explain. The White River is a river that is controlled by dams. Unlike a natural stream or river that may flow well in the spring, but can all be dried up by fall, the White River has a more consistent flow of water year 'round.

Further, trout fishing on the White River is less affected by seasonal changes, weather, or even the time of day. For example, trout fishing is likely to be as good in the morning as in the afternoon. Storm fronts/changes in barometric pressure, sunlight, clouds, etc., do not adversely affect trout fishing much, especially when compared to warm-water fishing in lakes. Bottom line, trout have to fight current to a greater or lesser degree 24/7/365. Trout expend energy regardless of changing conditions, and they're not going to go too long without eating!  So it's up to YOU when the best time to come is!

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